About me: Thorsten Hillmann

My name is Thorsten Hillmann and I have been making music at the keys since I was 10 years old. Via organ lessons (yes, I can still play a little foot bass) and the Entertainer Keyboard, a teacher managed at some point to get me on the piano. Unfortunately it was not enough for a good classical education!
The logical consequence was then around 1997 the first workstation (Yamaha EX7) and the first band. Was already cool!

In the course of the years I played in some bands with own songs and also cover bands. Since I have accumulated quite a bit of repertoire, the idea arose to pass on my cover sounds, since most of them really only want one thing: Playing. Programming costs time, is not necessarily easy and some don’t want to or can’t deal with it.
With me you get sounds from the live musician directly for the stage! 

My main job led me to buy my first 3D printer and to design accessories for keyboard players. Currently you can get Ipad and NanoPad2 holders for various devices from me. The portfolio is constantly expanding. If you have an idea that I did not have yet: Feel free to contact me. We tinker then together what. 
I’m also happy to help you with the assembly of a customized multicore for your equipment.

Currently I’m on the road with my two bands: Keine-Helden and Fabfive on the big and small stages. The rest of the time besides my main job I take care of my sounds, tutorials, give workshops and sports to keep fit. Being fit should not be a minor thing as a musician.

But you can also find reviews about instruments or their rebuilds and repair instructions on my site.
Feedback, no matter if it is positive or negative, I like to receive and if possible include.

I would be happy if one or the other finds something helpful here and looks in again. There is always something new to see.

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